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RICOH Pro C7210X/C7210SX Graphic Arts Edition Product Microsite

See the applications and creative possibilities that can take your business to the next level. Learn how you can offer customers new ways to stand out and communicate their message when go beyond CMYK with clear, white, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red toners. Combine these effects with oversized sheets and you have a game-changing combination that will help expand your base and increase your bottom line. Explore videos, download application case studies, and more.

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RICOH Pro 8200EX/8200s Product Microsite

Explore the microsite, watch the videos and learn how the quality, reliability, and convenience of the Pro 8200EX/8200s can raise the bar for your organization. Designed to meet the diverse real world needs of production volume environments in Education, Corporate, and Enterprise settings. These systems enable you to take a fresh look at your monochrome workflows with stunning image quality, remarkable uptime performance, an expanded range of media capabilities and more finishing options to meet your exact needs.

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RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s Product Microsite

Explore the microsite and discover a fresh approach to black and white production. Learn about the advanced technologies and reliable features that address on-demand challenges, complex applications, and customized workflows. From oversized media capabilities to outstanding image quality, to MICR and sophisticated finishing options, these reliable and affordable systems deliver what Commercial Printers, In-Plants, and Data Centers have been asking for. Be sure to watch the videos.

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RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s

RICOH Pro C9100/C9110 Product Microsite

Explore the microsite to see how high-speed, high-volume color capabilities can take your business to the next level. Exceptional image quality, broad media support, and a wide range of finishing options allow you to capitalize on the growing demand for inventive output, including personalized work, oversized sheets, and more. See print samples, watch short videos, download the brochure, and get the inspiration to open a new world of possibilities for your company.

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RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series Product Microsite

Spend a few minutes with our new microsite dedicated to showing you key product features, capabilities and configurations. Learn about the advantage of simulated metallics, clear patterns, synthetic substrates, the ability to print on dark substrates, and yes – true oversize printing. Watch how-to videos for creating 5th color files, view print samples and download valuable, real-world sales tips.

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5th Color Station Video Tutorials

Learn how you can expand your creativity with unique and captivating 5th Color Station techniques for the RICOH Pro C7200 Graphic Arts Edition Series or Pro C7100X Series. These informative, easy-to-follow videos walk you through the different steps for properly creating files to get the maximum impact from 5th Color Clear, White, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow and Invisible Red toner, and show you how you to use the Fiery Command Workstation for printing.

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RICOH Pro 8200 Series Online Training & Resources Site

Designed to enhance the customer experience and simplify the learning curve associated with user training, this site offers interactive step-by-step job exercises and an easy to follow Control Panel Tour.

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& Industry Resources

Our collection of productivity-enhancing tools and educational materials created especially for professionals in the Digital Printing, Graphic Arts, Design and In-Plant industries.

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Wide Format Product Tours

Product microsites that teach you about features and capabilities and step by step job task training modules that facilitate the learning process.

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RICOH Pro C7210X/C7210SX Graphic Arts Edition Product Video