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To the New Year!

2013 was a great year for Ricoh Production Printing.  We released three new Production Printing Systems: The Pro C901s Graphic Arts+; the Pro C5100s Series; and our latest B&W offering, the Pro 8100s  – which, along with a stellar print sample book got a lot of attention at Print 13.

We also launched our second generation of in-house designed suite of software solutions – TotalFlow Prep, Print Manager (v2) and Production Manager.  These were designed to work together, and work flawlessly, with your Ricoh Production System to streamline your workflow and make your shop more efficient and productive.

But what I’m most proud of is that these products grew out of feedback from you, our Production Printing customers.  I hope you all agree that Ricoh brings great innovation to its products and designs.  As technology expands our industry year after year, we find new ways to develop this technology and bring it to our products and in turn your shop. I hope you’ll also agree that Ricoh is a trusted partner that helps your business grow too.  We listen to you and your feedback, and we incorporate this into our R&D process.  It’s how we run Ricoh, and it’s that kind of spirit that has allowed us to grow the Ricoh Business Booster program too.

I hope you’ve found this site useful and educational in 2013, and please stay tuned in 2014.  We’ll of course be launching a few new Production Systems, and we’ll be expanding this site as well (a lot of exciting changes I can’t wait to share this Spring).  As we end one prosperous year and begin a new one, I’ll leave you with wishes for your continued success.

Yours Truly,

John Fulena