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Avanti Slingshot

Company Information

Avanti provides innovative, award winning Print MIS and web-to-print solutions that help print shops and marketing communication organizations automate all facets of their business and cultivate a more meaningful relationship with their customer. Avanti’s solutions are the most open in the industry; JDF certified, fully integrated and extend from web-to-print through to production and billing.

Software Information

Avanti Slingshot is the next generation Print MIS (Management Information System), incorporating business intelligence (CRM, dashboards and reporting), production planning (estimating, imposition, planned purchasing, sales orders, inventory management and scheduling), warehousing, shipping and billing into one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement system.

Customer Benefits

  • Browser-based, providing secure anywhere/anytime access on any device.
  • Supports multiple lines of business including offset, digital, large format, fulfillment, mailing and marketing services.
  • JDF integration, connecting “islands of automation”.
  • Designed to dramatically decrease implementation time through Estimating Standards library, import/migration tools and a QuickStart Database.
  • Intuitive User Interface reduces end user training time.

Competitive Positioning

If you are looking to provide your clients with more than just “ink on paper” or shifting from a Print Service Provider to a Marketing Service Provider, that shift typically involves adding new lines of business to your portfolio; including Direct Mail, Fulfillment, Marketing Services and Large Format.

We believe that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stretch your old MIS system to handle all of the complexities and workflows for these very different lines of business. Avanti Slingshot was designed, from the ground up, to support this new way of doing business.

Key Features Benefits
Browser-based system Secure access on any device, anytime, anywhere
JDF Integration A robust API enables integration of third-party applications and eliminates the need to input data multiple times, reducing errors
Intuitive GUI Reduces end-user training time
Import/Migration Tools and Avanti’s QuickStart Database Decreases implementation time through Estimating Standards Library and speeds up job processing

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