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Vertical Markets

Our collection of information on various vertical markets including sales approaches, market needs, concerns and current trends – arm yourself with knowledge before you make the sales call. To read an article, click on “Read Now.”

The Two Sides of Vertical Marketing: Understanding and Implementing a Vertical Strategy for Business Growth Read Now

Serving select markets rather than pursuing any job that comes in the door demands careful selection and analysis of potential industries. Determining markets that offer the best opportunity calls for a two-prong approach that combines evaluation of internal operations with analysis of prospective markets. The concept of vertical marketing isn’t new, but many businesses don’t fully understand its benefits or how to implement it. This document outlines the key benefits and strategy for vertical marketing for business growth.

Education is a Smart Market for Selling Digital Read Now

The education market invests heavily in communications products and offers big opportunities to sell a variety of digitally printed products. The market is a leader in integrating print with digital media such as online and mobile; it is also a market investing in Web-enabled workflows to drive efficiency. The market offers a wide swath of opportunities for print service providers. Understanding a market’s dynamics is a critical step to developing successful communication products and services. This paper profiles the education market and the opportunities it offers print service providers.

Ringing Up Success in the Retail Market - 2013 Read Now

The $15 trillion global retail market is a major power source of the world’s economy and a big consumer of printed materials. Retailers, brick-and-mortar and online, invest heavily in digitally printed marketing materials and documents to power operations. InfoTrends’ research indicates that large retail organizations spend on average of $27 million annually on communications, with an average of $8 million directed at print. The retail market offers opportunities in good and bad economic times as consumers continually need to purchase goods and retailers always need communication materials to drive store traffic and day-to-day operations This paper profiles the retail market and the opportunities it offers print service providers.

Top Trends and Opportunities in the Enterprise Market Read Now

According to InfoTrends’ research, print consumes over one-third of enterprise firms’ communications spending. While print will remain a solid component of the mix going forward, its share is expected to decline as firms continue to up their investments in digital media channels. This paper highlights key communication trends and opportunities for print service providers serving the enterprise market.

Opportunities in the Education Market Read Now

Education plays a significant role in society as it lifts income levels, fuels innovation, reduces crime, and powers GDP growth. The education market is a big consumer of communication services, from print to e-mail and websites, for supporting marketing efforts and operations. The higher education industry is a prime target for selling digitally printed products as it uses a wide variety of print to attract and serve customers. Printed brochures, direct mail, course materials, signs, banners, coupons, post cards, print ads, and maps are key staples in supporting higher education organizations communication requirements. Examining the structure and key trends in the higher education market is a worthwhile activity for print service providers looking to capture sales in this vertical market.

Profitable Publishing: The Yearbook Market Opportunity Read Now

The U.S. yearbook market represents a significant print opportunity for service providers. InfoTrends estimates the potential K-12 yearbook market to be over $1.5 billion dollars. Advancements in digital print technology, the challenging economic climate, and changes in consumer behavior are creating opportunities for service providers that previously were not available. The window of opportunity, however, is going to be short. Service providers looking to get a solid foothold in this market need to start taking active steps to develop business models, review workflows support required to create and produce yearbooks, and secure clients. This paper will provide an overview of the current state of the yearbook market, offer recommendations on how best to enter it, and identify the key challenges service providers will face when pursuing this market.

Fundraising Solutions for the Education Market Read Now

Marketing and development professionals at educational institutions face numerous challenges in their fundraising efforts that can be addressed with applications powered by digital print. This paper provides best practice solutions for these professionals as derived from a study of PODi’s Digital Print Case Study Collection, Their review of the educational market will include private K-12 schools, public colleges and private universities. Typical campaigns from PODi’s database include requests for donations to annual funds, endowments, building development or scholarship funds. This paper will not cover fundraising that involves individual students selling products or requesting donations for a student group.

Opportunities in the Hospitality Accommodations Market Read Now

Hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries. It is a broad services industry made up of a number of interrelated businesses that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise lines, and additional fields within the tourism industry. It is among the U.S. largest services industries, and one of the nation’s largest employers. The hospitality industry is a prime target for selling digitally printed products as it uses a wide variety of print to attract and serve customers. Brochures, direct mail, signs, banners, coupons, post cards, print ads, maps, and more are key staples in supporting marketing efforts. Examining the structure and key trends in the hospitality market is a worthwhile activity for print service providers looking to capture sales in this vertical market. This report will focus on the accommodations sector of the market, which is also the most prominent service in the hospitality market.

Opportunities in the Legal Market Read Now

The U.S. has the largest legal market in the world. It includes about 170,000 law offices that generate over $180 billion in annual revenues, not including corporate law offices. The legal system touches nearly every aspect of society, whether it’s a corporation requiring a team of litigators to defend against a product liability suit, a parent seeking counsel for a custody battle, or the purchase of a new home. A law firm’s ability to operate efficiently, win cases, and provide high-quality client service is supported by processing critical documents such as legal filings, formal letters, bound reports and proposals. As a result, the legal industry is very print-intensive. This document provides a brief overview of key trends within the legal industry. It offers salient business advice for print service providers who are looking to capture sales in this vertical market.