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What a Workflow Assessment Can Do for Your Print Shop Read Now

According to its U.S. Production Software Investment Outlook, print providers are expecting year-over-year revenues to grow 4.8 percent on average, with 20 percent expecting double-digit gains as a result of investing in production workflow software to support service expansions, improve operational efficiencies and target niche segments. These anticipated growths clearly demonstrate that workflow is key to growth and must be evaluated throughout your overall operation.

Adoption and Usage Trends in Web-to-Print Read Now

To thrive in today’s digitally connected business world, print providers must invest in technologies and processes that enable customers to order and track jobs online. Print providers have been steadily investing in web-to-print solutions—the Internet-based tools that offer e-commerce, collaboration, and/or customer service interaction between buyers and sellers of print. This report leverages InfoTrends’ latest research to highlight key web-to-print adoption and usage trends.

Content Automation as a Business Differentiator Read Now

As businesses expand the media types used to communicate with customers, traditional print-based methods of creating, approving, publishing, distributing, and tracking consumption of content have become increasingly inflexible, time-consuming, and expensive. Content automation tools can address these issues and enable the efficient creation, updating, and re-use of content across multiple channels.

Workflow Automation: A Key to In-Plant Success Read Now

In-house printing operations or in-plants face many of the same issues as traditional print service providers (PSPs), but they often have fewer resources and less dedicated support. Successful in-house printers have found that by adopting workflow automation into their production process, they can decrease their operational costs while increasing throughput to free up employees to work on more productive tasks.

Mobile is at the Heart of the Customer Experience! Read Now

With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, marketers and print service providers (PSPs) are striving to engage with consumers in the digital and physical worlds. The true key, however, is providing users with mobile experience marketing. This goes beyond sending an SMS text message or clicking on a quick response (QR) code that links to a mobile-friendly website. An effective mobile experience will make it easier for consumers to do what they want while simultaneously delivering promotions and offers that are contextually relevant and valuable. This document explores current mobile offerings and provides examples of their use.

Key Steps for Evaluating Software Investments Read Now

Production print workflow software is an integral component of a printing company’s success. This includes production efficiency, process quality, and operational profitability. Print service providers need to carefully evaluate all possible software choices. While there can be many factors to consider, this article outlines the five essential steps print providers must include in their evaluation process.

Workflow Software Powers Revenue Growth Read Now

Growing a print business requires a well-defined strategy supported with the right technology. Software is an important and necessary tool for accomplishing strategic business goals. The operational and business success of any print operation is largely contingent on finding, implementing, and using the right software to support those goals. This article highlights key areas where print service providers can use software to drive revenue growth.

Web-to-Print: A Critical Business Tool Read Now

Print service providers are reaping benefits by adopting web-to-print solutions. 82% of respondents to InfoTrends’ study Emerging Trends in Web-to-Print claim that web-to-print is critical for their businesses, while 87% agree that web-to-print has made their operations more efficient. This document is a primer that highlights web-to-print system types, a typical workflow process, and implementation in commercial and in-plant operations.

Inkjet: Closing the Gap Read Now

Although inkjet has been a hot topic since 2008 (remember the “inkjet drupa”?), it is now having a growing impact on all areas of the graphic arts market. A number of industry experts believe that 2013 marked an interesting turning point for inkjet technology. These days, inkjet is all around us—it is present in a wide range of areas including document printing, labels, packaging, decorative and functional applications, and 3D printing.

Will This Be the Year of Marketing Automation? Read Now

Marketing automation is continuing to evolve, and it is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Marketing automation refers to technological platforms that enable marketers to more effectively deliver content to multiple media channels and automate as many tasks as possible. During 2015, marketing personnel will be more accountable than ever before for generating sales results.