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Campaign Services

Multi-channel Made Easy

Our services are designed to provide guidance and assistance to help you offer your clients more with multi-channel marketing and create your own self-promotion campaigns.

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Campaign Fundamentals

TotalFlow Campaign Fundamentals combines the power of FusionPro with hands-on guided training from a Ricoh Campaign Specialist and Production Printing Solutions Engineer (PPSE). This combined solution enables Ricoh Production customers to execute their own self-promotion campaign while acquiring the tools and skill set needed to confidently expand their business, offer marketing services to their clients and execute higher value campaigns on their own.

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Ricoh Clickable Paper

Clickable Paper connects printed materials to online resources using image recognition software, bridging the traditional offline-online gab. Clickable Paper allows you to add multiple hotspots to printed content, and several links can be assigned driving users to websites, e-commerce portals, videos, and more.

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