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Assessment and Analysis Services

Analyze, architect and prepare.

Our Assessment Services are all about gaining insights and improving visibility so that you can uncover opportunities, drive new growth, reduce costs, stay competitive and maximize profitability.

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GAP Analysis

Helps print and marketing service provider organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the overall operation. Is the operation breaking even or maximizing margin opportunities? Are the services being offered on par with the profit leaders in the industry? This assessment consists of 6-8 hours of interviews with management and key stakeholders leading to a detailed follow-up engagement highlighting key findings and recommendations.

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Print & Mail Operational Assessment

Over a two-day agenda, Ricoh will perform a detailed operations tour and sit down with stakeholders from every department. The outcome is a Findings Report that will outline strengths and offer recommendations to help reduce cost, increase quality, provide greater visibility into operations and better support compliance.

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MIS Assessment

In today’s competitive environment a robust, functional MIS and Web solution is a minimum business requirement for Print and Marketing Service Providers. This consultative service is all about workflow and efficiency. It identifies ways for print shops to become faster and more efficient with their labor while increasing visibility to production costs. An MIS solution requires a significant amount of planning and investment and it is critical that you have a detailed plan. This service will ensure you pick the right solution and provide you with a strategy and design to integrate an MIS solution into your existing environment.

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Web & Marketing Asset Management Strategy Assessment

A Web-based print and marketing asset management platform is essential to competing in the market and optimizing production. One of the key goals of this assessment is to provide the customer with a Web strategy that will improve the customer experience and automate the fulfillment of both print and marketing assets. Execution of the plan will ultimately drive business results, including profitable revenue growth, lower operating costs, and improved customer retention.

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