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Case Studies

Gain insights from others that were able to identify opportunities and overcome challenges to achieve growth. To read a case study, click on “Read Now.”

Allegra Case Study: A Shift to Ricoh Digital Production Read Now

In 2016, Joe Mullan acquired two long-standing businesses and brought them under the Allegra franchise brand umbrella. His Allegra locations in Aurora and Boulder, Colorado have established a clear mission in their marketplace. “We offer one-stop marketing services,” explains Mullan. “Our goal is to make life simpler for the harried business person. We do everything from printing to developing websites, to developing copy, to putting together their story, to helping them put up signage, and basically tell the story about their brand. So, we’re there to help them out — to be their marketing arm.”

AlphaGraphics Case Study: Tackling Customer Marketing Challenges Read Now

In a city of innovators, dreamers and risk-takers, AlphaGraphics San Francisco & Marin County, California, distinguish themselves by being effective problem-solvers for their customers. Managing Partner Manuel Torres and his staff understand that stimulating creativity is an important key to their success in this market. Both with their clients, by being part of the brainstorming stages of a project, and with internal staff. “Every day is a new day, and that’s what makes us excited to come to work,” says Torres. “My job is to recruit talent that has the skill set and passion that not only reflects what San Francisco is about, but who can also be a peer level to our client base. Our brand reflects not only where we are, but who we are as a company and the kind of client we can attract.”

Schiele Group Boosts Business Growth with Ricoh Read Now

Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced the Schiele Group, a versatile, family-owned commercial printer, has partnered with Ricoh to deliver even more of what customers expect to see from their business. By adding two RICOH Pro C9210 and two RICOH Pro 8200 platforms, along with finishing equipment, Schiele can now print on thicker and larger media, introduce new applications such as square-bound books, and improve throughput. With Ricoh, Schiele has added new revenue streams; is driving down operating costs and turn times; and delivering higher uptime and greater throughput.

Cirrus Visual Grows Digital Print Business by 60 Percent Read Now

Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced Cirrus Visual has added a new chapter to the story of its ongoing growth and partnership with Ricoh, adding capacity to support its digital print business, which has increased by 60 percent since adding Ricoh five-color presses in 2016. Since moving into a new, larger facility, Cirrus Visual’s expanded service offerings, high-quality applications and fast turnarounds have proven incredibly popular, to the point that demand began to outpace capacity. With the implementation of a RICOH Pro C9210, the print provider has been able to further expand its digital print business, driving faster turnaround times, greater customization and more competitive pricing.

Graphics and Marketing (GAM®) Raises Its Game with the RICOH Pro C7100X Series Read Now

A single machine leads to countless successes. Learn how Graphics and Marketing (GAM®) leveraged new RICOH technology to move their business forward. Adding the RICOH Pro C7100X Series to their mix of digital printing systems allowed GAM to sell-in new applications, break into new markets and drive significant growth among new and existing customers.

Lake Land College Print & Mail Services Read Now

Back in 2005, Lake Land College hired David Earp as the Supervisor for their Print and Mail Services with the mandate to modernize the department. At that point in time, however, Lake Land College Print and Mail Services did not have the capabilities required to produce most of the high-margin work which was being sent outside resulting in significant expense. Discover how they turned to the RICOH Pro C7100X Series to support their growing needs and successfully raised their capabilities.

Heeter: Making Disruptive Technology Work for Commercial Print Read Now

Heater (Pittsburgh, PA) recognized that inkjet print quality levels were getting close to meeting its tough standards, so the company decided that it was time to invest in inkjet to capture new opportunities and offer customers new and creative solutions. The company invested in Ricoh Pro VC60000.

Case Study - McClafferty Printing: From Offset to Digital Read Now

For six decades, McClafferty Printing built a sterling reputation as a high-quality, customer-focused offset print shop. But like most offset shops, the economic changes, introduction of digital printing, and changing needs of marketers threatened to disrupt its historical success formula. The company recognized it needed to invest in digital printing and purchased a Ricoh C901. It began producing digital work in March 2011. McClafferty Printing also recognized that its move into digital printing required a solid business development strategy. The company turned to its equipment vendor, and the services provided by Ricoh’s Business Development Program put the firm on track to meet its first year digital print revenue goals.

From PSP to MSP: A Phased Approach Read Now

Service providers have long recognized that growing and retaining businesses requires a strategic review of current and future needs of customers, and then putting a plan in place to address those needs. In today’s competitive market, companies that pursue only a better/faster/cheaper market strategy are finding their profit margins eroding, their customer base becoming more unstable, and increased competition from low-cost providers. Success in the printing industry requires firms to transform from print service providers into cross-media and marketing service providers. Making this transformation requires business repositioning, innovation, and redefinition of the overall value proposition. Companies that are making this transition or that have successfully made this transition have done so through a natural evolution that matches the needs of the company with the needs of customers and prospects. This white paper presents three case studies of companies that are at different phases of the transformation from offering traditional print manufacturing services to marketing-focused services. 

5 Steps to Improving Customer Service Read Now

Customer service is an intangible offering that can have a significant impact on profits and growth when executed properly. In today’s competitive marketplace, customer reviews and access to competitors are an online search away. Providing superior customer services is solid strategy to differentiate your business, attract clients, and retain customers. Customer service is the sum of the customer’s experiences with a company’s products and services before, during, and after a purchase is made. It includes all the touchpoints and interactions that a customer has with a company, including the shared experiences of others.  This white paper outlines five strategies for improving customer service. It also shares how Mitch Palin, Owner of Minuteman Press (Fair Lawn, NJ), profitability grew his franchise by focusing on his customers.