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Has your business capitalized in the digital wide-format market?

By adding wide-format devices to your operations, you'll have the ability to meet more client requests and stop outsourcing jobs. Read Embracing Digital Wide Format Printing and explore the potential areas which your business can grow in the wide-format market.

Does your business have the insight of your current data security practices, audits and SLAs?

Having a complete understanding of your data security is vital to a business "safety nets" in place. Learn how to establish a framework that is satisfactory to your customers but also protects your business in Audits, Compliance, and Service-Level Agreements: A Survey of Mid-Sized Print Service Providers.

Are you effectively communicating with consumers via their preferred chanel?

Knowledge about customer groups is the key to a good marketing communication strategy. Marketing Across Generations: A Guide for PSPs outlines each of the main four consumer generations and how you and your clients should be targeting them specifically.

Are you implementing the best color management practices?

Increased competition and higher quality expectations from print customers have made color management a necessity. Discover color management's latest industry trends, benefits and challenges in this InfoTrends article Color Management for On Demand Printing & Publishing.

InfoTrends expects inkjet to represent 60% of the total digital color volume by 2022.

Inkjet offers all the advantages of digital printing and the ability to affordably produce high-volume short-run personalized applications. Discover the areas of volume growth, opportunities, applications and benefits while reading Inkjet Applications Matter!

What does Smart Print Manufacturing mean to your business?

Technology is redefining the print industry and Smart Print Manufacturing provides a framework towards an automated workflow to increase your efficiency. Discover more in this article What is Smart Manufacturing?

Are you tapping into Advertising, Marketing and Design Agencies?

These represent a unique opportunity to gain a wide variety and large volume of work through a single relationship. Take advantage of the tips and suggestions in the Access to Advertising, Design and Marketing Agencies: Taking a Partnership Approach article to learn the vast opportunities your business can gain.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%.

By focusing on your most profitable customers, you can capitalize on what you already know about them to convert more sales. Discover how to successfully sell more in Building Your Bottom Line: Successful Selling Strategies article.

Are you effectively promoting digital printing to your customers?

Promoting digital printing is of prime importance since many customers may not be aware of the benefits and value it delivers. Identify key value messages to promote to your customers in this article Building Your Bottom Line: Promoting Digital Printing.

Is generational preferences at the core of your transactional print marketing strategy?

Print service providers must recognize the differences between generations and the impact it can have on a customers experience with transactional communications. Discover key highlights from specific age groups and their preferences of various communications in Transactional Communications Across Generations.