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Are you creating effective print samples that sell your print service capabilities?

The goal is to assemble a single print sample kit that work best for your business and customers. Tips for Winning Print Samples outlines the importance in creating a range of samples to highlight your services and print quality to showcase to customers.

Do your sales reps understand the importance of selling value?

To keep partnerships vibrant, sales professionals must add value… and that involves doing homework, understanding customers’ needs, and bringing new ideas to grow their businesses. InfoTrends article Selling Print on Value, Not Price goes in-depth on the importance of delivering value for customers.

Is your sales team up-to-date on the wide-format offerings in today's market and capabilities of the equipment?

The wide-format printing industry represents a great variety of possibilities, from pull-up window clings to large-format sign and banners. Empowered Wide-format Sales: Top Selling Tips for Wide-format Print outlines the reasons why your sales team should and the benefits your business can gain from having wide-format equipment.

Does your organization have a workflow in place that helps achieve efficiency?

Adding options for personalization and customization to the workflow takes planning, and your current processes will need to be evaluated. Three Workflow Keys for Personalized Print explores how brands that cater to consumers' expanding interests can discover an exciting and growing market opportunity.

Personalization drives customer loyalty and a key factor in improving direct mail effectiveness.

Personalization is a great way to improve the overall customer experience and establish a relationship between a business and its customers. Recent research data from Keypoint Intelligence explores how personalization can increase the effectiveness of customer communications in The Power of Personalization.

Today's inkjet technology has evolved into a significant aspect of the printing industry.

For printing companies that have not yet adopted a production inkjet solution, now is the time to look to invest. Read The Evolution of Inkjet for Production Printing and learn how inkjet technology has grown, and the benefits from it.

Are you prepared for a cyberattack? Do you know the impact a cyberattack can have on your business?

Laying the groundwork for data responsibility starts with understanding the methods used by malicious actors to attack data held by your business. Learn what your business should do to prepare and safeguard your systems in the article Understanding Data Responsibility: The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity.

Does your business understand the impact of the latest customer privacy laws?

The data collection landscape is set to experience a dynamic change with the latest privacy laws taking effect. Learn how your business can better prepare for the impact in Understanding Data Responsibility: The Evolution of Consumer Privacy Laws.

Has your print service provider learned the advantage of video in print?

Personalized video, a relatively new form of marketing that stresses customization and engagement provides a company to develop custom communications and pair that with a direct mail campaign. Learn how your business can advantage video to increase multichannel campaigns in Leverage Video to Sell Print!

77% of B2B executives don't believe that sales reps demonstrate knowledge of their business.

To engage prospects in today's market, your sales reps must be able to set a buying vision based on an understanding of their business and the challenges they are facing. Learn how to successfully engage prospects and build a talk track in Developing The Right Cadence.