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Audits, Compliance, and Service-Level Agreements: A Survey of Mid-Sized Print Service Providers Read Now

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) are an integral part of any outsourcing and technology vendor contract. They clearly specify metrics, responsibilities, and expectations so that the business and its customer have the same understanding of the agreement. Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends (InfoTrends) recently surveyed 29 midsized print service providers to learn about their data security practices, annual audits, SLAs, and associated penalties. This document provides a summary of the insights gathered, an analysis of the findings, and our subsequent recommendations for similarly sized organizations.

What is Smart Manufacturing? Read Now

If you are among the many companies charting a course toward operational excellence for your business, it may be time to consider adding Smart Print Manufacturing (SPM) to your plans. Smart Print Manufacturing provides a framework for moving toward workflow automation that helps you to create quality products and services by adding value throughout the supply chain.

Inkjet: The Pathway to Profitability Read Now

The rapid pace of technological innovations for cut-sheet and continuous-feed inkjet devices, new inks and substrates, and an array of market applications are capturing attention of print service providers of all sizes. With all of these advancements, print service providers are asking not if, but when they should be making the inkjet investment. Service providers are also seeking strategies that enable them to optimize their investments. InfoTrends interviews inkjet users to identify the critical strategies that they are following to accelerate profitability in this article.

Inkjet Meets Direct Mail Read Now

In a world full of instant gratification and digital devices, print service providers are asking, “What is the future of direct mail?” Data indicates that the future is bright for direct mail that is highly relevant and part of an integrated omni-channel experience. Advances in inkjet printing devices are enhancing the direct mail opportunity. Full-color direct mail with personalization has a successful track record in connecting and motivating consumers on emotional, practical, and subliminal levels.

Optimizing Production with Web-to-Workflow Read Now

Print providers have been steadily investing in technologies and processes that enable customers to order and track jobs online. One key technology is web-to-workflow software. Although web-to-workflow is similar to web-to-print, it encompasses the additional processes needed to produce and fulfill a customer’s online order which expands beyond the capabilities of traditional web-to-print solutions.

Print Supply Chain Optimization: A Critical Marketing Opportunity Read Now

Marketers are spending billions of dollars producing, warehousing, and shipping marketing literature, packaging, documentation, point-of-sale displays, premiums, giveaways, signage, and handouts for all channels of market contact and engagement. The way that this portion of marketing operations is managed and controlled can materially impact go-to-market effectiveness, just as the optimal use of marketing dollars can create business value and a competitive advantage.

10 Best Practices of High-Performance Print Sales Organizations Read Now

A key challenge facing today’s print and marketing service providers is finding and applying the right mix of best practices to increase sales staff performance. While many firms are experts at improving profitability through manufacturing efficiencies, establishing the right processes to increase sales growth are often elusive. InfoTrends conducted a research study to identify the best sales practices of printing companies that were experiencing sales growth. This paper highlights the ten best practices reported by the high-performance sales organizations that participated in the study.

2017 Road Map: Business Development Strategies Read Now

In the year ahead, innovations in digital technology will continue to transform and reinvent the printing industry. Digital media, data-driven marketing, and new printing technologies will lead this transformation. In this article, InfoTrends’ analysts explore the key business opportunities for print providers in the coming year.

2017: The Transformation Journey Read Now

Today’s print providers are feeling significant impacts associated with new media, data-driven marketing, and emerging print technologies. Savvy print service providers are transforming their businesses so they can sell their services in new and innovative ways. The November 2016 edition of the McKinsey Quarterly included an article entitled Transformation with a Capital T that provided five key recommendations to help business executives tilt the odds in their favor when undergoing a transformation. These recommendations hold true regardless of industry segment, and we should all take note as we witness the forces of change within the printing market.

Heeter: Making Disruptive Technology Work for Commercial Print Read Now

Heater (Pittsburgh, PA) recognized that inkjet print quality levels were getting close to meeting its tough standards, so the company decided that it was time to invest in inkjet to capture new opportunities and offer customers new and creative solutions. The company invested in Ricoh Pro VC60000.