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Browse our articles on Marketing and Sales strategies to help you promote your business.  Topics include tips on using social media to trade show marketing.   To read an article, click on “Read Now.”

Your Checklist for Business Growth: Tips for Creating a Strategy that Works Read Now

Many print service providers (PSPs) are overwhelmed by the notion of creating a business plan or marketing strategy, but the process doesn’t need to be complex. Developing a well-defined strategy for success starts with asking a few basic questions about your business and implementing a road map for growth. Creating a business growth checklist can help simplify a seemingly overwhelming process by breaking down the must-dos for organizing and achieving business goals. This document discusses the importance of creating a business growth checklist, highlights what should be on that list, and offers tips for successfully implementing them into your business so you can achieve profitability and growth.

Top Sales Trends for 2019: How PSPs Can Prepare for Success Read Now

Finding the right mix of best practices to increase sales staff performance is a key challenge for many print service providers (PSPs). Although most firms are focused on improving profitability through manufacturing efficiencies, establishing the right processes to increase sales growth may often go unaddressed. Based on its ongoing research and industry analysis, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends has identified 5 sales trends that are expected to have an impact on the market in the coming year. This document outlines the top 5 sales trends for 2019 and explores how PSPs can leverage these trends to position themselves for future success.

Tips for Selling into Agencies Read Now

Competition is increasing in the printing services landscape. As more organizations place emphasis on digital over printed presence, Print Service Providers (PSPs) must look for ideal partnerships. An often overlooked, yet valuable prospective relationship is with advertising, marketing, and design agencies. This document breaks down the opportunity and advantages of working with agencies as clients, as well as highlights exactly how PSPs should best pursue such a partnership.

Selling Print on Value, Not Price Read Now

Keeping current on the available capabilities is a best practice for sales teams, but it is even more important to understand how your capabilities and solutions solve problems and add value. It’s easy to become complacent in conversations and focus only on the product and its price, but learning everything you can about your customers’ needs and the industries they serve will add depth and value to your sales conversations and proposals.

Empowered Wide-format Sales: Top Selling Tips for Wide-format Print Read Now

Every business has a sales process and a current set of expectations. It might be well-established and well-documented, but it might also be more loosely managed. In most cases, there is room for improvement and an ability to fine-tune the process to create new opportunities. The wide-format printing industry represents a great variety of possibilities, from pull-ups and window clings to large-format signs and banners. Hardware technologies have also evolved, and today’s wide-format devices can now print on all kinds of lightweight and heavyweight media. This article outlines if your sales team is up-to-date on the latest trends and offerings of wide-format printing.

Tips for Winning Print Samples Read Now

Although images and print samples are a great way for print service providers to demonstrate the technical capabilities of their presses, they don’t tell a story that will intrigue a content creator or brand owner. Today’s content creators and brand owners already expect their partners to be able to produce brilliant prints. What they are really seeking is a partner who can bring them ideas, and becoming that source of ideas starts with building the very best portfolio of print samples. This document explores some of the ways that print providers can differentiate themselves with their print samples.

Developing The Right Cadence: Tips for Sales Success Read Now

As 2018 draws to a close, you’re likely doing one of two things—focusing on meeting/exceeding your sales goals for the year or reflecting on why your goal has proven to be unreachable. For many firms, it isn’t the revenue growth goal that is unrealistic but that the process used to achieve the goal fails to deliver the desired results. This article explores how examining your prospecting practices, developing a process that will deliver consistent results, and building a strong pipeline of opportunities can help you to exceed your business goals in 2019.

Building Your Bottom Line: Successful Selling Strategies Read Now

Today’s buyers have all kinds of information at their fingertips, but this does not mean that sales strategies are no longer important. In fact, today’s sales reps are under increased pressure to add value throughout the sales process due to the abundance of information online. This document is the third in a three-part series called Building Your Bottom Line, and it is designed to help print service providers understand how they can successfully sell digital printing in today’s multi-channel world.