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Industry Trends

Browse our articles on the latest Industry Trends affecting digital printing, operations and workflow.  To read an article, click on “Read Now.”

Best Practices of Savvy Print Service Providers: Service Expansion Read Now

In a very competitive and challenging marketplace, print service providers must constantly evolve to meet the needs of their customers. This isn’t a matter of being all things to all people—focus is required. Understanding the things that make market leaders successful can help improve your focus. To that end, recent research from Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends (InfoTrends) provides an insightful look into what organizations (including commercial printers and in-plants) are doing to achieve success. This analysis, the third in a three-part series on best practices of leading PSPs, discusses the importance of service expansion. It highlights the implications of InfoTrends’ research with an eye towards helping you apply this to your own business, providing recommendations on which services to expand into.

Best Practices of Savvy Print Service Providers: Focusing on Value-add Read Now

Recent research from Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends confirms that thriving print service providers behave in markedly different ways than their struggling counterparts do. One clear distinction is that leading PSPs place a much stronger emphasis on value-added services. Organizations that are not focusing on value-added services are finding it difficult to grow their revenues and align their value to their clients’ business needs. This document, the first in a three-part series on best practices of leading PSPs, discusses the importance of highlighting the benefits that customers and prospects can enjoy from value-added services.

Growing Print Opportunities: Digital Packaging Read Now

Digital printing of packaging has gained momentum over the past few years as new technologies and product offerings enter the market. In this document, we will examine three of the hottest packaging categories in the digital printing market: labels, folding cartons, and corrugated packaging. The same values that have made digital printing technology so relevant for document and signage production are equally important for all types of packaging. Quick turnarounds and short runs are of course major benefits, but the ability to segment, version, and personalize has become particularly important. The challenge lies not only in meeting the quality and substrate requirements, but in understanding the needs of brand owners and other stakeholders in this rapidly accelerating market.

How to Perform Generational Targeting in Direct Mail Marketing Read Now

Generational targeting in direct mail can be instrumental in increasing your response rates. As brains age they change, and the way we need to target people also changes. Because the majority of the buying public falls into three generations now, we will focus on Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.

Print Trends Outlook 2019 Read Now

As a new year begins, print service providers (PSPs) are looking ahead to see exactly how print technology will evolve in the near future. Due to careful planning, many providers are in a position to take full advantage of these production improvement opportunities. This analysis outlines exactly how the market is changing, and what companies can do to remain competitive in 2019.

Leverage the 2019 Postal Discounts with RICOH Clickable Paper™ Read Now

Postage is one of the largest costs in mailed communication, making postal discounts a topic every Print Service Provider (PSP) should be following. For 2019 the United States Postal Service (USPS) is again offering a series of discounts linked to promotions of specific technologies and concepts designed to promote the use of mailed communication. Each of the six programs has specific requirements, a specified registration period and dates when the promotion can be in the mail. To access the discounts, mailers are required to follow the instructions for each program and to submit the mail piece in advance to specified USPS email addresses.

Understanding Data Responsibility: How PSPs Can Excel in the Digital Age Read Now

This document is the third and final part of InfoTrends’ series on the importance of data responsibility. In this analysis, we explore data security regulations impacting the PSP industry and provide best practices for how PSPs can remain compliant and minimize data breaches.

Road Map 2019: Business Development Strategies Read Now

With 2018 in the rear-view mirror, now is the time to reflect on and refine your investments and innovations in preparation for 2019. It is already shaping up as a year of growth for well-prepared businesses. Our industry is facing significant disruption from a variety of forces, including the emergence of new technologies, sales strategies and training, print’s changing role in the communications ecosystem, and the importance of data management in delivering personalized and relevant communications. Print service providers can use this document to help guide business decisions, craft strategies, and implement plans to innovate their operations throughout the year.

The Evolution of Inkjet for Production Printing Read Now

Inkjet technology represents a paradox of sorts—It is the new kid on the block as well as a mature market that has existed for decades. This has to do with how inkjet has evolved within the print production market over the past 20 years. This document provides insights about inkjet production printing technology advancements and future trends to watch in the inkjet printing market.

Understanding Data Responsibility: The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity Read Now

This document is the second in a series of three that InfoTrends is writing on the importance of data responsibility. In this volume, we examine cybersecurity – identifying which companies are at the most risk, as well as the initiatives they can implement for better protection. We also break down several of the more common forms of cyberattacks so that executives may be more informed of the dangers facing their customers.