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Six Strategies for In-Plants To Determine Value Read Now

The outsourcing of non-core activities, from information technology services to printing operations, to external providers is an ongoing consideration in many organizations. Outsourcing can be an attractive alternative to organizations of all sizes as it can lead to better efficiency, cost savings, and higher profitability. In-plant organizations are key targets for outsourcing, so they must pay attention to managerial attitudes about the practice and ensure that they are perceived as a mission-critical component of the parent organization. This document highlights six key strategies that in-plants are pursuing to demonstrate value to their parent organizations.

The ABC's of Strategic Planning Fundamentals for In-Plants Read Now

In-house printing operations of all types can reap benefits from strategic planning. Successful in-house printing operations continually make offensive moves and craft strategies that focus on providing the best service to customers, and they do so efficiently. This paper highlights the fundamentals of strategic planning and the value it can offer to in-plants.

Getting into The Wide Format Market Read Now

Digital wide format printing creates the potential for exciting and profitable applications for printers of all sizes. This paper will highlight the key considerations that should be evaluated when expanding into the wide format market.

2017 Road Map: Business Development Strategies Read Now

In the year ahead, innovations in digital technology will continue to transform and reinvent the printing industry. Digital media, data-driven marketing, and new printing technologies will lead this transformation. In this article, InfoTrends’ analysts explore the key business opportunities for print providers in the coming year.

In-Plants: Expanding Services and Moving Up the Value Chain Read Now

Today’s in-plants are no longer simply providers of quick copy services. Operations are steadily expanding their offerings to include creative services, enhanced finishing options, online ordering, variable data printing, and digital media applications. Successful in-house printing operations understand that providing their parent organizations with services that deliver value will enhance their relevance and solidify their position as the “go-to” provider. In-plants that are delivering value-added services to move up the value chain and beyond placing ink/toner on paper are helping their parent organizations to improve and maximize their communications processes.

Tips for Managing During Peak Demand Read Now

Nearly every print shop experiences peaks and valleys in the volume of work produced. Depending on business type, volumes will spike at certain times and decline during others. The ongoing challenge for print providers is finding ways to level production volume so that print capacity isn’t maxed out during peak times and equipment doesn’t sit idle during less busy times. This article provides some steps you can take to better manage your production capacity.

The In-Plant Wide Format Opportunity Read Now

Digital wide-format graphics printing is one of the most successful new service offerings for in-house printing operations. Growing demand for posters, signage, wall wraps, and other large graphics has made digital wide format printing one of the top resources for growing services and revenue streams within in-plant operations. This document defines the wide format opportunity for in-house printing operations.

In-Plant Printing Operations: An Evaluation of Key Strengths and Weaknesses Read Now

An ongoing debate in many private and public sector organizations centers on the need for internal printing operations. This document highlights the key challenges that in-plant printing operations face, and also identifies their key strengths and weaknesses.

Workflow Automation: A Key to In-Plant Success Read Now

In-house printing operations or in-plants face many of the same issues as traditional print service providers (PSPs), but they often have fewer resources and less dedicated support. Successful in-house printers have found that by adopting workflow automation into their production process, they can decrease their operational costs while increasing throughput to free up employees to work on more productive tasks.

2016 Business Development Strategies Road Map Read Now

Historically, keeping customers happy and providing an excellent customer experience was the result of providing a high-quality product at the best price, backed by stellar customer service. The competitive landscape has since changed, however. In 2016, winning service providers will hone and focus their businesses to enhance all facets of their customers’ experiences.