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The Evolution of On Demand Book Printing Read Now

On demand printing workflows are broadly accepted by publishers around the world for many types of publications—not just books! Publishers have made extensive efforts to archive and control their electronic assets. On demand book printing has recently seen more rapid progress due to the introduction of high-speed roll-fed production color inkjet printing systems, inventory & order management, workflow, front ends, and finishing systems. This document discusses the changing production environment for on demand book printing today and offers tips for responding to the changes that will occur in the future.

Optimizing Production with Web-to-Workflow Read Now

Print providers have been steadily investing in technologies and processes that enable customers to order and track jobs online. One key technology is web-to-workflow software. Although web-to-workflow is similar to web-to-print, it encompasses the additional processes needed to produce and fulfill a customer’s online order which expands beyond the capabilities of traditional web-to-print solutions.

Print Supply Chain Optimization: A Critical Marketing Opportunity Read Now

Marketers are spending billions of dollars producing, warehousing, and shipping marketing literature, packaging, documentation, point-of-sale displays, premiums, giveaways, signage, and handouts for all channels of market contact and engagement. The way that this portion of marketing operations is managed and controlled can materially impact go-to-market effectiveness, just as the optimal use of marketing dollars can create business value and a competitive advantage.

Adoption and Usage Trends in Web-to-Print Read Now

To thrive in today’s digitally connected business world, print providers must invest in technologies and processes that enable customers to order and track jobs online. Print providers have been steadily investing in web-to-print solutions—the Internet-based tools that offer e-commerce, collaboration, and/or customer service interaction between buyers and sellers of print. This report leverages InfoTrends’ latest research to highlight key web-to-print adoption and usage trends.

Value-Added Services: The Pathway to Profitability Read Now

The printing industry is changing at a rapid pace, driven by new production technology changes and competition for time and money from other media. Printers are adapting to changing market conditions to compete in this transitional market, and they are clearly embracing the importance of adding value. This article highlights key value-added services that providers are pursuing.

Web-to-Print: A Critical Business Tool Read Now

Print service providers are reaping benefits by adopting web-to-print solutions. 82% of respondents to InfoTrends’ study Emerging Trends in Web-to-Print claim that web-to-print is critical for their businesses, while 87% agree that web-to-print has made their operations more efficient. This document is a primer that highlights web-to-print system types, a typical workflow process, and implementation in commercial and in-plant operations.

The Benefits of an Integrated Workflow Read Now

This analysis highlights the benefits that can be delivered by an integrated workflow, and provides a profile of Ricoh’s recently launched TotalFlow Path workflow integration software. Workflow automation is a key priority for print providers because it enables firms to increase productivity and better serve ever-changing customer demands. Automating the steps in print production workflows reduces manual operations, improves production throughput, and enables more work to be produced. Pricing and margin pressures are driving print providers to increase their production efficiencies and do more with less. This means investing in tools that integrate and automate workflows. Print providers are seeking software tools that enable the automation of everything from print operations and customer service to information management.

Key Growth Applications for Digital Printing Read Now

Digital print volume is driven by application demand which changes over time due to growth in usage, electronic replacement, and moves to shorter runs. Understanding what applications are expected to grow and why is essential for print service providers in business planning and making equipment purchasing decisions.

Harnessing the Power of Personalization in Multi-­Channel Communications Read Now

Personalized multichannel campaigns have proven extremely effective at increasing response rates and swaying the buying habits of the public, but some commercial printers find offering this service to be costly. In this InfoTrends piece, written exclusively for Ricoh, the latest trends are discussed along with some viable options to offer these services to your customers without needing the large, added expense of VDP and Web to print software.

An In-Plant Focus on the Education Market: The Opportunity in Multi-Channel Content Delivery Read Now

In this paper written exclusively for Ricoh, InfoTrends focuses on the education market's push to integrate print and digital media and the Web-enabled workflow solutions they are investing in to drive efficiency and reduce costs. Learn about these new solutions and how they can help your own in-plant remain efficient.