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The Power of Personalization: How Personalized Content Can Improve the Effectiveness of Communications Read Now

Thanks to ongoing technological innovations in customer segmentation and data mining, today’s enterprises now have access to more information about their customers than ever before. In parallel, consumers’ expectations are also shifting—people understand that their providers have access to a great deal of their personal information, and they now expect any communications to reflect this level of knowledge. This document cites recent research data from Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends to explore how personalization can increase the effectiveness of customer communications.

Three Workflow Keys for Personalized Print Read Now

Personalized print represents an excellent growth opportunity for printing companies because personalized products are ordered by customers who want something very specific. The value of personalization and customization tends to lend itself to higher margins, driven by additional services to support the personalization and customization. Consumers are seeking more products that reflect their unique interests. This article explores how brands that cater to consumers’ expanding interests can discover an exciting and growing market opportunity with personalization.

2017 Road Map: Business Development Strategies Read Now

In the year ahead, innovations in digital technology will continue to transform and reinvent the printing industry. Digital media, data-driven marketing, and new printing technologies will lead this transformation. In this article, InfoTrends’ analysts explore the key business opportunities for print providers in the coming year.

Direct Mail and Catalogs: A Strategy for Growth Read Now

Successful direct mail marketing goes beyond print, and involves combining media to integrate offline and online communications. In late 2015, InfoTrends conducted a benchmark study entitled Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services: A Strategy for Growth that surveyed 900 consumers and 25 direct marketers. This document provides a brief overview of the study’s findings.

Personalization: The Missing Link in Direct Marketing Read Now

InfoTrends’ study Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services: A Strategy for Growth, asked consumers a number of questions on their preferences and practices when dealing with direct mail. This article highlights four key findings that signify the value of personalization in direct mail efforts.

Value-Added Services: The Pathway to Profitability Read Now

The printing industry is changing at a rapid pace, driven by new production technology changes and competition for time and money from other media. Printers are adapting to changing market conditions to compete in this transitional market, and they are clearly embracing the importance of adding value. This article highlights key value-added services that providers are pursuing.

The Power of Personalization: Get Data and Get Going! Read Now

Data is the fuel of marketing activities. Businesses understand that today’s prospective buyers are savvy, empowered, and carry high expectations for personalization across all interactions. Printed direct mail is critical to the mix, as is participation across multiple channels. Marketers want a partner that can help them deliver the right message at the right time, while also delivering the most effective data strategies to ensure that offers are not dead on arrival. For print service providers that are building data expertise, this equates to a significant market opportunity.

ZIP-a-dee-doo-dah Direct Mail Read Now

Consumers’ spend 80% of their disposable income with businesses within 10 miles of their homes. Chances are good that, upon hearing this, your customers will be keen to start capitalizing on these opportunities. For print providers, offering Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services can yield new business drive sales. This document highlights the key benefits to offer your customers EDDM services.

Wearables Will Enhance Message Relevance Read Now

Smart watches, fitness bands, sleep monitors, smart clothing, and glassware are the latest introductions in a series of mobile gear that can track everything from your location to the number of steps you take in a day. These devices—projected to sell 100 million units by 2016—will open up a whole new world of data gathering, branding, and storytelling possibilities for marketers.

Trends and Opportunities in the Manufacturing Market Read Now

A heavy user of printed materials, the manufacturing industry makes significant investments in digitally printed marketing materials and documents to drive operations. Print applications span all points of the manufacturing industry’s value chain and operations infrastructure. This document evaluates key trends within the manufacturing market for print service providers who are seeking sales in this industry.