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Key Growth Applications for Digital Printing Read Now

Digital print volume is driven by application demand which changes over time due to growth in usage, electronic replacement, and moves to shorter runs. Understanding what applications are expected to grow and why is essential for print service providers in business planning and making equipment purchasing decisions.

Taking Digital Print to the Next Level Read Now

What are the key trends digital printers should learn about this year? In this exclusive piece, InfoTrends provides information and data on the trends they see taking a hold this year.

Finishing Solutions for Photo Merchandise Read Now

Two of the core challenges service provider's face in the photo publishing and merchandise marketplace is customer acquisition and production workflow. Customer acquisition and workflow requirements are intertwined, particularly for service providers who are new to the marketplace and do not have an active, quantifiable customer base to gauge workflow requirements. This document focuses on photo book, photo card, and calendar applications, and will identify the finishing requirements and considerations associated with each of these applications.

Media Matters: The Opportunity for Pre-converted Substrates Read Now

In a rapidly changing industry, commercial printers are seeking innovative ways to capture attention. With all the new digital media channels and the encouragement of the masses to use print (digital printing lowered run lengths and created affordable printing for all), we live in a media-cluttered world. Capturing consumers’ attention can be difficult, and paper provides a way to attract attention as well as enable new applications. What service providers are discovering is that interesting communication pieces, using specialty media, are being used to break through the clutter to compete for the consumer’s attention. This document will outline some of the top trends for print service providers that are interested in pre-converted substrates.

How to Leverage Finishing Solutions for Growth Read Now

Some of the most important advantages of a digital print workflow are occasionally overlooked and understated. Attention-grabbers like economic short runs, quick turnaround, and the ability to personalize documents often overshadow the critical, value-enhancing events that take place post-printing. Finishing, for example, is often overlooked, yet it can add significant value to printed documents and it ultimately transforms a printed piece into the final product. Automating and optimizing finishing workflows can also improve a service provider's bottom line. Finishing capabilities are a big part of what makes digital print attractive in theory as well as practice to many markets.