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Ricoh ZF4000 Z-Fold Unit


The ZF4000 Z-Fold Unit provides the ability to automatically Z-fold 11" × 17" documents and seamlessly integrate them into an 8.5" × 11" book, eliminating the need for manual collation. This unit is ideal for workflows that typically produce schematics, engineering diagrams, operation guides, organization charts, workflow maps and blueprints.

When running a job through the feeder, simply place your 11" × 17" documents in your stack of 8.5" × 11" document, select Mixed Original and then Z-fold from the system’s touch panel display. The system will automatically choose the proper paper size and Z-fold the 11" × 17" sheets where appropriate. Operators can also easily program the job from their desktop. The result is a perfectly folded and collated 8.5" × 11" document ready for finishing.

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