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TEC Lighting XtraCoat MINI 14 inch UV Coater


Are you looking to make the most of your workspace without having to sacrifice performance of a professional UV coater? We have your solution! The XtraCoat MINI is designed with the short run printer in mind. It offers a fantastic finish all the while being the smallest footprint production UV coater available on the market.

The XtraCoat MINI is small but incorporates all the features of larger units including a peristaltic fluid pump, IR Lamps for flow-out and adhesion and a stainless steel doctor blade to ensure the ability to run double-sided work. In three short minutes you can set-up the unit and begin producing stunning UV coating. The XtraCoat MINI is the answer for today's short run printer.


  • Works with all Ricoh Digital color output
  • Easy inline integration with Ricoh digital presses
  • Graded transport conveyor for seamless transfer
  • Adjustable height transfer table
  • Modular design for easy mobility
  • IR/UV combo to assist in flow-out and coating adhesion
  • 5 minute start up and clean up
  • Dual fluid lines for easy coating changeover
  • Also compatible with Offset output

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