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C.P. Bourg Watkiss Powersquare™ 224


The Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224 is a unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. To suit different workflows, it is available in three configurations, online, nearline and offline.

In a single machine it combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack™ books up to 224 pages thick. It features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thickness.

The maximum book thickness, of 10.4mm (208 pages 80 gsm, 224 pages 70 gsm), is double that of alternative conventional booklet making machines, so it is ideally suited to higher paginations or to thicker stocks. This makes the Watkiss PowerSquare 224 a fast and cost effective alternative to perfect binding or tape binding. Digital print applications frequently use heavier stocks and need the flexibility to produce a wider range of finished books from a single process, with little or no operator intervention - the Watkiss PowerSquare is a perfect match.


  • Produces books from as small as 4 pages on SquareBack books up to 224 pages
  • Available in online, nearline and offline configurations
  • Dynamic auto-adjustment systems allow for uninterrupted running of jobs or variable data content
  • Maximum book thickness of 10.4mm, double that of alternative conventional booklet making machines
  • No warm-up time required
  • Easily switch off SquareBack finishing for thin books if necessary
  • Job and memory setting done easily with the color touchscreen panel


  • SquareBack books
  • Thin books
  • Double book thickness
  • Full bleed trimming
  • High-quality stitching

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