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Duplo UD-300 Rotary Die Cutter


The Duplo UD-300 Die Cutter produces a variety of digital print and packaging products such as custom-shaped brochures and direct mailers, stationery, retail packages, labels, and folded boxes in quantities as low as one. Designed for use with flexible dies, the UD-300 performs multiple cuts, slits, slit-scores, kiss cuts, perforations, and window punches for single or multiple-up pieces on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes.

Compact in size and easy to use, the UD-300 Die Cutter provides a cost-efficient solution with fast job changeover and set up times. The UD-300 Die Cutter takes the hassle out of short-run, on demand jobs by cutting out any downtime experienced with other machines – perfect for the graphic arts and packaging markets.


  • Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter
  • Designed for use with flexible dies
  • Fast die changeover
  • Minimal set up times
  • 6,000 cycles per hour
  • Processes 14" × 20" sheets at 3,000 sheets per hour
  • Optional separator/conveyor unit with photo eye sensor


  • Invitations and greeting cards
  • Gift card holders and tags
  • Coasters
  • Box holders
  • Party favors
  • Doorknob hangers
  • Folded boxes
  • Product labels
  • Product packaging for clamshell packaging

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