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TEC Lighting TruCoat 16 inch In-Line UV Coater


Want the best of both worlds? The Inline UV Coater offers all of the same features of the sophisticated TruCoat UV Coater, with added capabilities. This innovative design was created to accommodate and adapt to your existing printing equipment flawlessly. With its easy transfer inline conveyor table, professional UV coating becomes an accessible reality for your finishing needs. This technology offers high performance coating, and a quick and easy transport system to keep up with your fast-pace business.


  • Works with all Ricoh DIGITAL outputs
  • Easy inline integration with all Ricoh color presses
  • Graded transport conveyor for seamless transfer
  • Adjustable height transfer table
  • Modular design for easy mobility
  • IR/UV combo to assist in flow-out and coating adhesion
  • 5 minute start up and clean up
  • Dual fluid lines for easy coating changeover
  • Also available in 21" and 30" models
  • Optional Auto Feeder available
  • Optional Auto Stacker available

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