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GBC StreamWire


The GBC StreamWire* is a key accessory to the GBC StreamPunch Ultra that dramatically improves the end user’s overall workflow from printing to finishing mechanically bound documents. This system utilizes new twin loop wire spools that come in 3 different colors (Black, White and Silver) in 5 different sizes. Maximum 80 sheets of 20 lb. Bond booklets can be produced. The GBC StreamPunch Ultra requires a specific StreamWire die set available in a round or square pattern to punch the appropriate hole for optimum operability. Letter size and standard size tabs will be supported.

The GBC StreamWire is an inline binding option available for the RICOH Pro C9200 Series Graphic Arts Edition and RICOH Pro C7200 Series Graphic Arts Edition.

*The GBC StreamPunch Ultra is required with the StreamWire.


  • Calendars
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Education Course Books
  • Legal Contracts and Proposals
  • Menus
  • Notebooks
  • Training Materials

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