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GBC StreamPunch Pro


Combine printing, punching and collating into one easy step with the GBC StreamPunch Pro. Designed to create 8.5" × 11" punched booklets, the GBC StreamPunch Pro features a fully in-line punch system that can easily be replaced by users. This system reduces the labor time it takes to produce a professionally punched book by 50%.

The GBC StreamPunch Pro gives users the ability to choose a pattern from a wide assortment of user-friendly punch tools called die sets. Punching patterns include VeloBind, ColorCoil, CombBind, 3-Hole Punch, Pro Click and two types of Twin Loop Wire. Simply choose a die set, insert it into the StreamPunch unit and select the Multiple Punch option from the driver or the LCD.

Sheets are punched on the fly with no reduction in overall productivity, and are delivered in neatly punched stacks to the system’s shift tray. When the GBC StreamPunch Pro is done running the job, take the punched output to its corresponding binding system where it can be completely and securely finished.

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