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Duplo RC-7 Round Corner Cutter


Cut round corners on covers, business cards, postcards, and more with the RC-7 Round Corner Cutter. The RC-7 is a heavy-duty, electric corner rounding machine with the capability to handle up to a 2.75" stack at a time. It features a detachable pressing bar, which helps secure documents for the rounding process and detaches for easy replacement of knives. Engineered for easy operation, the corner cutter can be operated by either a foot pedal or manual switch.

The RC-7 rounds corners at a cycle speed of up to 46 cuts per minute and is perfect for any high production environment. The RC-7 is designed with a protective safety cover that will keep fingers out of harm’s way during operation.


  • Easy operation via foot pedal or manual switch
  • 2 interchangeable dies (optional)
  • Cuts up to a 2.75" (70mm) stack
  • Patented upper die design and micro-adjustable lower die
  • Interchangeable die systems allowing various jobs to be preformed


  • Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Photos

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