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Ricoh RB5010 Ring Binder


The Ricoh Ring Binder RB5010 is the first fully-automated in-line ring binding system. It is a proven asset in the production workflow process and a Ricoh exclusive.

This unit allows users to create professional, finished ring-bound books right from their desktop or from the system’s intuitive LCD touch panel. The results are collated, punched and bound booklets that lay flatter than any other type of in-line binding currently on the market.

Easily produce ring-bound booklets of up to 50 or even 100 pages, and have the choice of either black or white ring binding. Ring Binder elements are housed in replaceable cartridges that can be quickly swapped. Even emptying the chad holder is easy.

Completed booklets are delivered directly to the output tray for effortless removal. This innovative binding system also allows users to open and reseal the binding, allowing for the addition or deletion of pages.

The RB5010 eliminates the need for external finishing equipment, reduces the chance of operator error and dramatically improves overall job productivity. Produce more in less time with less labor!

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