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Neopost USA hardware and software solutions enable businesses to expertly send and receive digital documents, physical mail and packages. More importantly, Neopost brand products help our customers better connect with their customers by streamlining and improving individualized, one-to-one communication. While best known for our physical mail expertise, today, our fastest growing business segments help businesses with initiatives such as maintaining high-quality customer contact data, deploying electronic document delivery and applying cost saving, enterprise-wide shipping controls.

Folders/Inserters Information

Neopost offers a complete range of automated folding inserting solutions designed to streamline the process of preparing and sending important business communications. Our folding inserting solutions have the technology required to handle a wide variety of business applications with ease. Process standard business documents such as letters, checks, multi-page invoices, legal-size documents, inserts and business reply envelopes faster and more efficiently.  Whether your monthly volume is 5,000 or 800,000, a Neopost folding and inserting system will automate the document assembly process, increase mail center productivity and ensure absolute mail piece accuracy for every finished envelope. Neopost mid-volume inserters are ideally suited for businesses that want flexibility and have been designed to grow and meet your expanding needs. These mid-volume inserters have the technology needed to handle a wide variety of business mailings at speeds up to 4,300 envelopes per hour. An inserter with scanners can read a broad range of barcodes allowing you to efficiently collate and process multi-page document sets efficiently.

Customer Benefits

Neopost folder inserters automate the mail assembly process maximizing efficiency and lowering labor costs. Our systems help create professionally finished mail pieces with each recipient’s specific documents, crisply folded, and then safely inserted with the addresses correctly positioned in the envelope. Designed to be exceptionally easy to use, Neopost inserters offer quick job changeover, automated new job creation, and the ability to run a wide variety of document types and sizes.


  • Touch screen control panel simplifies operation with graphical user guidance and wizard-based programming.
  • Automatic new job setup based on documents and envelopes placed in trays.
  • Feeders and envelope stackers have matching capabilities to reduce time spent reloading and finished envelope throughput.
  • Multi-format document feeders accommodate an impressive variety of material sizes and combinations from full sheets to short inserts.
  • Exclusive thickness detection technology prevents double document errors.
  • Optional barcode reading technology allows processing of variable-page documents sets with absolute accuracy.

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