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Duplo IFS - Integrated Folding System for DC-646


Adding to an already versatile line of digital print solutions, Duplo’s Integrated Folding System (IFS) achieves the next level in automation. The IFS eliminates the need for a separate paper folding machine and enables users to not only slit/cut/ crease with the DC-746 and DC-646 or slit/perforate/crease with the DC-445, but also fold digitally printed applications in a single pass, using one system. By performing the functions of multiple machines, the system removes the bottleneck of the finishing process that occurs when setting up jobs separately.

The mid-range DC-646 IFS has a unique capability that no other system has which is to slit/cut/crease and fold multiple-up pieces simultaneously in one pass. Using tow knife blades, the IFS can perform the most common folds including single, letter, Z, gate, and double parallel along with an infinite number of custom folds.


  • All-in-one slit/cut/crease/fold finishing solution
  • Integrates with the DC-746, 646, 445 models
  • Multiple-up processing
  • Increased stacking capacity
  • Folds sheets up to 350 gsm (130 lb. cover)


  • Greeting Cards
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Invitations
  • Tri-fold Brochures
  • Custom Folds

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