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Ricoh GB5000 Perfect Binder


Creating perfectly bound books is virtually effortless with the GB5000 Perfect Binder. This flexible system produces professional quality, perfect bound books at the touch of a button.

The GB5000 offers a wide array of output choices. Booklet dimensions can range anywhere from 5.5" long to 11.6" wide. And the system can handle books from 10 to 200 sheets, for a total of 400 pages in duplex mode.

The GB5000 Perfect Binder comes complete with a one- or three-edged knife trim, which neatly removes any excess for professional looking booklets with "full-bleed" covers. When the system requires supplies to be added, the operator simply inserts the glue pellets via the access panel.

Booklet output is neatly stacked in a convenient roll-out drawer, ready for packaging. An additional drawer makes it easy to access trimmed paper waste for quick removal.

With a GB5000 Perfect Binder, professional, perfect binding has never been so easy.

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