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Ricoh FD5020 Multi-Folding Unit


Folding is a key ingredient in any print production environment, and an essential step for applications such as statements, brochures, leaflets, schematics and floor plans.

The FD5020 Multi-Folding Unit offers 6 different folding patterns, accomplishing virtually all folding needs: Half-fold, Double Parallel, Gatefold, Z-fold and what is commonly known as Tri-fold, Letter-fold in and Letter-fold out.

Paper sizes are dependent on the folding pattern selected. Simply select the pattern needed directly from the color LCD control panel, or from the print driver. Once the document is printed, the FD5020 automatically produces the desired fold and the completed job is output directly to the Exit Tray for easy retrieval.

The FD5020 Multi-Folding Unit offers customers a wider variety of options and eliminates the time and effort spent on offline folding.

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