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Morgana DigiFold Pro


Despite all the efforts of our competitors, DigiFold is still the market leader and the product of choice for most digital printing professionals. As its name suggests the new DigiFold Pro incorporates the all new SmartScreen panel making it simpler to use and offering increased functionality for the user. In addition to this significant feature improvement, we have once again used state of the art technology to increase its speed. The productivity of the DigiFold Pro has been increased by a very creditable 20% and will now crease and fold at 6000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy demanded by users of previous DigiFold models.


  • SmartScreen touch screen operation
  • 6000 Sheets per Hour
  • 0.015" (approx 150lb cover)
  • Alpha-numeric memory
  • PosiFeed vacuum feed system
  • Highly versatile
  • 35.4" × 15" with optional extension
  • Crease & fold without cracking
  • Slit/Perf option


  • Letter crease and fold
  • Brochure crease and fold
  • Book cover spine creasing
  • Sheet perforating
  • Sheet full bleed trimming

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