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Duplo DC-800PA Hydraulic Cutter


The DC-800 Hydraulic Cutter is a quick and easy cutting solution. It is reliable for meeting deadlines and offers pinpoint cutting accuracy to avoid expensive reprints. Quality-engineered, its rugged construction, solid cast-iron frame, and powerful hydraulics allows the 800PA to thrive in the most demanding work environments. High - performance, precision cutting is guaranteed for documents printed on a wide array of paper stocks and weights. The special low-friction surface aluminum alloy cutting bed requires no polish or waxing and will not rust over the life of the cutters.


  • Accommodates 31.4" cutting width
  • Hydraulic-powered, rugged construction
  • Color LCD touch screen control panel
  • Memory for up to 500 jobs and 18 cuts per job
  • Large working area with a standard side table
  • Full light beam curtain and dual palm cut buttons for optimum operator safety
  • False clamp plate and two HSS blades included
  • Air cushion table for easy handling of heavy paper stocks


  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Perfect Bound Booklets

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