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Duplo DC-660P Hydraulic Cutter


Duplo's 660P Hydraulic Cutter is built to last and guarantees both precision and speed in the critical cutting process. This quick and easy cutting solution is reliable for meeting deadlines and offers pinpoint cutting accuracy to avoid expensive reprints. Duplo's quality engineered cutter guarantees complete satisfaction cut after cut.

Optimal Safety:
Whether skilled or novice, the 660P is safe for all operator levels and perfect for all small to medium print shops. Operator safety is always a priority, so Duplo's 660P comes standard equipped with light emitting and receiving safety beams that disable the cutting knife when an object gets too close.

Heavy-Duty Construction:
Its rugged construction, solid cast-iron frame, and powerful hydraulics enable the 660P to meet rigorous workflow demands. High-performance, precision cutting is guaranteed for documents printed on a wide array of paper stocks and weights. The special anti-friction surface aluminum alloy cutting bed requires no polish or waxing and will not rust over the life of the cutter.

State-of-The-Art Technology & Programmability:
Duplo's 660P features an automated system that maximizes speed and allows for pinpoint cutting precision and less operator handling for ultimate productivity. The easy-to-read digital display guides you through all programming operations and cutting positions, allowing for job memory storage of up to 72 cut locations and nine job selections. Cutting sequences are conveniently stored and recalled at the touch of a button.

A unique D.C. servo system assures back gauge position consistency to ±0.002. Cutter adjustments make it easy to fine-tune the depth of the cut and control the back gauge when making coarse adjustments. Precise paper position control of the back gauge is guaranteed by an accurate encoder.

An optical cutting line indicates where the cut will be performed and helps align cutting marks to guarantee accuracy. The foot pedal controls the hydraulic clamp which enables you to check the cutting line and eliminate excess air in between sheets. In addition, the hydraulic pressure is adjustable to minimize the risk of marking when cutting sensitive stock or perfect bound books.

Productivity and accuracy are never compromised with Duplo's 660P's a cutting-edge guillotine solution.


  • Simple knife changes are conveniently made from the front of the machine rather than the side.
  • The easy-to-read digital display guides you through all programming operations and cutting positions.
  • The 660P's rugged construction and reliable hydraulics ensure years of high performance.


  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Perfect Bound book trimming

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