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Ricoh CI5010 Cover Interposer


The Ricoh CI5010 Cover Interposer provides a cost-effective option to feed pre-printed covers and inserts into the finishing workflow. It eliminates the need for manual insertion and reduces document wear and tear caused by the heat and pressure fusing process, as the cover interposer seamlessly integrates documents without feeding them back through the printer.

Each of the Interposer's two sources boasts a 200-sheet capacity with a maximum paper size of 13" × 19", giving greater paper flexibility.

Tray 1 feeds pre-collated front and back color covers. Tray 2 feeds your pre-collated inserts. For example, to insert color documents as pages 5, 10 and 15 into your final collated output, simply load the inserts in Tray 2 and then program their placement from either the driver or the touch panel display. The Cover Interposer effortlessly combines the inserts without skipping a beat or losing any productivity.

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