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C.P. Bourg Booklet Sheet Feeder BSF


For customers hesitating between offline and inline finishing, C.P. Bourg offers the best of both worlds with the Dual-Mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF). It allows multiple printing presses to share one finishing device. Positioned inline between a printing press and the finishing equipment, the BSF allows digital and offset print shops with different printers to easily shift or merge job production using the Dual-Mode (by shifting between inline and offline/nearline modes), achieving productivity increases while maintaining integrity of collated output.

The BSF can be connected to most C.P. Bourg finishing modules, including booklet making especially the Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e), Bourg Document Finisher (BDF) and the Bourg Bleed-Crease Module (BCM). The BSF, with its compatibility allows printers the necessary needs to further their production and turn around times.


  • Feed capability up to 18,000 sheets per hour
  • Accepts wide paper formats from 202.3 × 120mm (8" × 4.72") to 660.4 × 364mm (26" × 14.33")
  • Optical Mark Recognition sensors (OMR)
  • Ultrasonic Double Miss Control (DMC)
  • Automatic purge feature for fault jobs
  • Barcode capabilities 1D and 2D
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Compatibility with over 20 carts/trolleys from various printing presses
  • Easily connect ability to Bourg Document Finisher (BDF) and the Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e)

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