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Ricoh BK5010e Production Booklet Maker


The Ricoh BK5010e Production Booklet Maker creates professionally finished, saddle-stitched booklets up to 30-sheets at a time, equivalent to a 120-page book. It automatically adjusts for paper size and direction and with a variety of drivers; printing from a network is effortless. The belt feeder helps compile completed booklets for neat output and for longer runs, operators can simply fold down the belt stacker for unlimited stacking capability. The BK5010e can be used both in-line, integrated with a print engine, or off-line so that booklets can be created manually. Working in off-line mode allows operators to utilize other finishing capabilities, providing a true multitasking solution.

To truly enhance performance far beyond that of traditional Booklet Makers, the Ricoh TR5010e Trimmer Unit, the Ricoh CF5010e Cover Feeder and the Ricoh BF5010e Book Fold Unit are available as optional features.

The TR5010e Trimmer Unit eliminates the "shingle" effect that happens with thicker booklets for a professionally-trimmed finish.

The BF5010e Book Fold Unit delivers a square-fold edge, allowing for a printable spine with the same professional flat finish as a bound book or magazine.

The CF5010e Cover Feeder makes it possible to add preprinted covers up to 172 lb. index.

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