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C.P. Bourg BB3002 Perfect Binder


The BB3002 is designed to create state of the art perfect bound books while maximizing user-friendliness. All adjustment operations can be done through the touchscreen interface (GUI) to optimize productivity. Reduced set up time allows for a peak speed of 500 cycles per hour.

The binder is capable of automatically adapting to the thickness of each job, up to a maximum thickness of 60 mm (2.3"). This offers users minimal loss of productivity when processing different jobs, ideal for on-demand applications.

The BB3002 incorporates the highest quality of creasing with up to 13 positive or negative creases. The BB3002 utilizes a creasing form technology which offers greater flexibility and superior results compared to competing wheel scoring binders.


  • Binds from 1 mm to 60 mm (.04" to 2.36")
  • Adapting all features automatically to the thickness of each job
  • Trimmers: CMT 330 3-Knife and CMT 130 3-Side
  • Reception Module: BBR
  • PUR Glue Option for extra bind strength on coated glossy media
  • User-friendly industrial grade color touchscreen
  • Both book content and cover sensors
  • Power milling wheel with notching for EVA applications
  • 1st cylinder penetrates between sheets
  • 2nd cylinder applies desired spine glue quantity
  • 3rd cylinder guarantees perfect glue repartition
  • Adjustable side gluing
  • Up to 13 Positive/Negative Cover Creasers
  • Optical sensors guarantee operator safety while loading. Jobs are automatically processed removing hands from the loading area

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