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DryLam ALM3222 Auto Laminator


The ALM3222 Automatic Laminator is taking on-demand digital prints to the next level with its advanced breakthrough in lamination technology. The ALM3222 will automatically feed, laminate, and trim digital prints virtually unattended allowing users to work on other tasks. The ALM3222 offers many upgrades from its previous model the ALM3220 including heated rollers, micro-adjustable side trimmers, wider sheet sizes (up to 13), banner length prints and a 25% increase in speed.

With a warm up time of just 5 minutes the ALM3222 allows for users to quickly start the process of laminating a job. The ALM3222 will automatically feed up to 200 sheets into the laminator and each document will be laminated, trimmed to size and stacked once finished.


  • Heated rollers for crystal clear scratch-free laminations
  • Micro-adjustable side trimmers for precise flush cutting or exact border encapsulation
  • Handles up to 13" wide sheets (12.6" of film coverage)
  • Built in long mode operation for banner length prints
  • Automatic two side lamination or short one side work
  • Laminates copy paper or as heavy as 130# Cover Stock
  • Automatically feeds up to 200 sheets
  • Operating with built in long mode allows sheets of infinite length to be laminated
  • Speeds up to 20" - 72" per min
  • Small Foot Print – less than 4sq. ft.

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