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Think pink this year and beyond

Featured Neon Pink Print Samples

Take advantage of our latest Neon Pink print samples that run the gamut. Show your clients eye-catching vibrant colors including orange, purple and pink.

Neon Pink

Featured Neon Pink Videos

Creating vibrant output with Ricoh’s Neon Pink 5th Color Toner.
How to create vibrant oranges by blending 5th Color Neon Pink with CMYK
File Preparation Sheet: Download

Other Resources

File Preparation Guide

File Preparation Guide

This informative and visual guide will walk you through the different steps for setting up and saving files to get the maximum impact with 5th Color elements. Guidelines, tips, and best practices for printing are also included to ensure your output matches the intended design.


Changing the 5th Color Toner (Pro C7100X Series Specific)

Changing the 5th Color Toner Guide (Pro C7100X Series Specific)

Written instructions and complementary photos take you through the routine designed for Trained Customers to be able to change the 5th Station components.


Pro C7200X Series

Learn more about the RICOH Pro C7200X Series Graphic Arts Edition