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Using Technology


In a recent survey, 93% of participating print providers noted they had invested in software that supports variable data design and 65% had invested in software that supports email marketing, purl and micro-site generation and mobile barcodes.

If you’re thinking of expanding your services to better satisfy your customers, scroll down to learn how to make it work for you.

Dale Demski, president and founder of Data Management Center (DMC), shares what makes his service bureau different from other companies and how he partners with Ricoh to be successful. Ricoh helped grow the company and with the ability to do more intelligent printing through web, online statements, and color printing. Using Ricoh equipment and solutions, DMC was able to make its transactional documents easier for its customers to read, understand and receive payments quickly.

  1. Match media to the right vertical market. – Figure out how your core vertical markets are using their promotion dollars, and invest in technology that supports it. For example, the non-profit industry is one of the top users of direct mail, so any software solutions that make it easier for you to produce this collateral will have a positive ROI.
  2. VDP is still an untapped resource. – Many SMB owners site low rate of returns as the top reason to steer clear. But print providers know data is king when it comes to this simply executed marketing strategy. Invest in programs to create these pieces, and be sure to counsel your customers on the importance of clear data as the key to making it work.
  3. When selling the technology focus on the strategy, not the solution. – Whatever form your output takes, ultimately you’re solving a customer’s problem. Focus on how the technology fits into their marketing campaign and sealing the deal will be that much smoother.

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