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Tap Into VDP


VDP takes your business places – As you probably know, Variable Data Printing (VDP) is one of the hottest and most watched trends in the industry. Why? For one, it shifts the focus away from price and allows you to deliver real value to your customers.

Tailor messages to individual interest and needs. Cut down on design time needed to create similar print documents. Convince your customers, that with VDP, you can help them create relevant communications that yield greater response and cut through the clutter. Which is exactly what customers want and are willing to pay for. Here are a just few reasons to keep VDP top of mind and part of your mix:

  • InfoTrends forecasts the retail value of color variable print data will grow from $10.3 billion in 2011 to $18.6 billion in 2016.
  • There continues to be a growing need for customized communications in Financial Services, Real Estate, Education, Government, and Healthcare — all of which means more new customers.
  • VDP software has come a long way and now gives Print Service Providers of all sizes, access to a range of new options that are easy to use and implement.
  • With its efficiency template, VDP also eliminates repetitive or time-intensive tasks, which help you save money.

To sum up, VDP allows you to compete on customer experience over price. It creates real value in the minds of your customers. And it’s another step toward being perceived a trusted advisor rather than just a print vendor. Read more in our exclusive study from InfoTrends VDP: An Untapped Market Opportunity.

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