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Successfully Run an In-Plant


Jim Sinclair, print production manager at Lions Clubs International, shares the approach to his work that makes his In-Plant printing department successful.

See how Jim has partnered with Ricoh to bring the right mix of hardware and software solutions to automate his processes and shorten his turnaround time. By bringing all their print in-house with the installation of two RICOH Pro C901 presses and Ricoh’s Printable Software Suite, Lions Clubs International was able to experience faster turnaround, reduce cost and increase overall print quality.

  1. Refocus service offerings around your customers’ content. – Today, print is just one piece of the communications puzzle. Assess and fully understand your customers’ content and key communication points, then offer them additional ways to get their message out. Offering Web-to-print, VDP or multi-channel communications can greatly help your customers’ bottom-line and your own.
  2. Discover and implement a variety of initiatives to increase your efficiency. – While many industries today rely less on traditional print marketing, retailers consistently spend over 50% of their budget on collateral such as signs, banners, direct mail and transactional documents. When approaching potential customers, be sure to emphasize your expertise, knowledge and range of services.
  3. Continually collect and analyze data. – Set a schedule to assess your operations throughout the year and see where you’re succeeding and where you might be falling short. This will help you to be proactive in discovering problems, and finding their solutions, as soon as possible.

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