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Sell To The Retail Industry


  1. Look around you. – Small local businesses are a great place to look for new customers. As a fellow local business, it’s easier to make a connection. Smaller-sized companies also tend to look for opportunities on how to maximize their budgets. Explain the benefits, flexibility and cost-savings of digital printing – they may not even realize it’s within their reach.
  2. Retail doesn’t always follow the trend. – While many industries today rely less on traditional print marketing, retailers consistently spend over 50% of their budget on collateral such as signs, banners, direct mail and transactional documents. When approaching potential customers, be sure to emphasize your expertise, knowledge and range of services.
  3. If print is the king, cross-media is the queen. – To win a bigger piece of the pie, focus on selling bundles of services such as print collateral and email services. Explain to customers the impact of executing a multi-channel campaign.
  4. Retailers agree personalization works. – Promoting this fact creates a HUGE opportunity for your bottom-line. VDP and Transpromo services are the most popular with retailers right now – ask your PPSE for insight and recommendations on which software solution will best suit your business.
  5. Know your target. – Before approaching potential clients, it’s important to first understand the challenges they face. Check out retail-industry resources to learn more about hot topics and figure out how your business can fill the gaps. A little upfront research can go a long way to seal the deal.

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