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Professional Finishing


Ricoh can help expand your range with finishing solutions that are right for your and your customers. We offer a full line of professional equipment from today’s most trusted leaders in the industry — in-line and off-line options, including laminators, cutters, folders, booklet makers and more.

  1. Find the Demand – Survey your customers as well as your prospects to assess their needs and determine which finishing options would serve them the most. Think about lost bids and missed opportunities due to lack of finishing capabilities in-house. For information and ideas on what specific vertical markets are purchasing read the article: How to Leverage Finishing Options for Growth
  2. Research the Options – Start your search right here on Ricoh Business Booster. View videos showing Ricoh’s exclusive in-line finishing options and refer to our full-line finishing guide with product details and company information from our Finishing Partners.
  3. Talk it Out – Discuss your options with your Ricoh sales rep to help make the final decision.
  4. Think About Solutions – Advanced Solutions help increase workflow productivity and ensure you get the most from your technology investment. Through Ricoh’s TotalFlow program a range of make-ready solutions are available. Review our Software Solutions section to see what’s available, call your sales rep or use our contact email to request more information.
  5. Market and Promote – Start telling customers you have these new services as often and in every way you can. Create and send samples, execute an email campaign and develop a talk track for your sales team. For more ideas on marketing services, read this articles:


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