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Offer Personalized Multichannel Campaigns

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated. They demand targeted information, but they want it in new and exciting ways. What compels them to act one day may be dismissed the next. This is the consumer world your customers now operate in, and that’s why more and more print service providers are turning to integrated marketing campaigns to help their customers reach consumers across multiple channels.

What is Personalized Multichannel Marketing?

It’s the action of targeting a product or service to an individual or group based on demographics, preferences and purchasing habits then using a combination of traditional print and digital channels to reach the desired audience. And it’s becoming a major trend in marketing. It allows companies and brands to meet the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier. According to recent InfoTrends studies, 64% of retail market responders indicated personalization improves customer response rate and 45% of corporate clients felt it was extremely important or somewhat important for service providers to offer a comprehensive suite of integrated services.

There are many reasons to look into offering integrated services. Adding Personalized Multichannel marketing will allow you to go after new markets, find new revenue streams, remain competitive, expand your portfolio and grow your customer base. For your customers, it will increase sales, increase their customer satisfaction, improve response rates, improve lead nurturing, increase product trials and strengthen loyalty programs, among many other benefits. If you haven’t thought of adding these services to your offerings, now’s the time to do it.

Learn How to Execute a Successful Campaign

While personalized multichannel campaigns are as varied and different as the individuals set to receive them, there are best practices and tips you can follow to execute a successful campaign every time.

  • Make sure your data comes from good sources and clearly allows for identifying and segmenting desired customers.
  • Utilize print, online and social media integration and leverage the messaging strengths of each to ensure each channel is impactful.
  • Utilize data analytics to reduce costs and improve response rates.
  • Stay connected and engaged with your customer throughout the process to provide suggestions and input when needed.

Learn How to Sell Multichannel Campaigns to Customers

Once you have these systems in place, you can begin pitching your new services to current customers and leads. Personalized multichannel marketing is heavily used in the healthcare, retail and education markets where competition for customers and attention is fierce. To help you present to these potential customers, use these facts and data to convince customers personalized multichannel campaigns are a boost to their brand and bottom line.

Retail Highlights and Benefits

  • 46% of retail marketers’ printed marketing materials are connected to digital channels
  • 29.3% of retailers’ promotional materials are personalized
  • 64.2% of retail market respondents indicate that personalization improves the customer response rate
  • 49% of retailers use commercial printers for marketing services

Education Highlights and Benefits

  • 41% of all educational businesses use commercial printers
  • 25.5% of educational service promotional materials are personalized
  • 61.4% education market respondents indicate that personalization improves customer response rate
  • 52% of education marketers’ printed marketing materials are connected to digital channels

Healthcare Highlight and Benefits

  • Print commanded 18.2% of healthcare’s total communication spending in the past year
  • 28.5% of healthcare service promotional materials are personalized
  • 41% of all healthcare businesses use commercial printers

Additional Personalized and Multichannel Marketing