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The InfoTrends Selling Series

Advancement in technology and the expansion of marketing services has our industry evolving at a rapid pace. It’s not only changing the way we communicate, it’s redefining what we need to be successful and stay successful. It’s impacting what we offer and how we approach the sales process as print providers.

Sustaining long-term success takes more than having a great product. It takes talented sales people and a trusted partner that can provide leadership, knowledge and resources. The Ricoh Business Booster program is your partner and we stay committed to supporting you in all areas of business. That’s why we contracted InfoTrends to develop this exclusive three-part Learn How series focused on hiring, motivating and selling. The information is eye opening and thought provoking. It will help focus your energies and relieve the stress associated with hiring the right people and keeping sales levels strong.

We encourage you to take advantage of what it has to offer, after all it was written exclusively for you.
Download it, read it and read it again. And then put the learning to action.

InfoTrends White Paper Synopsis
The Pareto Principle, more commonly known as the 80/20 rule, holds true in sales transactions—20% of the world’s sales reps deliver 80% of sales revenues. Mistakes in sales hiring are costly; they can derail a company’s momentum or even lead to its demise. According to the Manpower 2013 Talent Shortage Survey, American employers considered sales representatives to be the second most difficult position to recruit for, sandwiched between…

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What you will Learn

  • Create a strategic plan
  • Identify hiring criteria and establish a long-term recruiting process
  • Develop an effective interview process
  • Evaluate and hire the right candidates

InfoTrends White Paper Synopsis
Companies can turn their own cultures around by developing high-performing, innovative sales teams that are capable of differentiating the company from its competition and charging customers for the value they provide. Businesses must offer sales reps the support they need to be successful, as well as compensation that is aligned with the difficulty in finding and keeping customers today. Incentives should be specific to the individual…

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What you will Learn

  • Set goals and expectations
  • Identify motivators
  • Match reps to the right compensation models
  • Tips for measuring success

InfoTrends White Paper Synopsis
Focusing on specific vertical markets is a key lever for boosting sales reps’ productivity. Leading firms systematically target their offerings, matching the right products with the right customers. They clearly identify the customer base that they want to serve as well as the unique value proposition that they can deliver. Once sales personnel build business acumen in a specific market segment, the overall process can become repetitive…

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What you will Learn

  • Evaluate your current customer base
  • Analyze potential markets
  • Determine whether or not the market is a good fit
  • Engage with the industry
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