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For optimal success, it’s time to begin transitioning from a print-only business to a
print-centric business.

With the rise of digital printing, storefronts, VDP and cross-media services, the Print Service industry has been steadily evolving into a Marketing Service industry. Customers today are expecting more and more from printers, and while shifting a company’s core competencies can seem daunting, having a solid strategy can make all the difference.

Key Phases To Guide Your Transition

  1. REVIEW your Customer’s Needs – Transitioning to a MSP doesn’t mean giving up print — it just means taking on services that support print as part of a larger campaign. Print is still important to your customers. Take a look at the jobs you’ve done in the past year or so and see if they were part of a larger cross-media campaign. Also important, identify any jobs you might have lost to competitors because you didn’t offer the specific service the customer needed. Once you get an understanding of what your customers are really doing with their marketing dollars, you can begin expanding services in these areas.
  2. RESEARCH your Options – Implementing new services could mean an investment in new equipment, software and solutions, employee skills and sometimes even new staff with specific training. Make sure you understand the pros, cons and costs of all new solutions and offerings you take on.
  3. REPOSITION your Company as a Partner – Shift your customer’s perception of your business so they think of you as more than just a print provider. Many printers are taking on the role of a marketing consultant. Upselling additional services such as VPD, storefront and inventory solutions will expand your profits and put you in a position of marketing authority with your customers. And be sure to use these services to promote your own business to display your new expertise.
  4. REFINE the Plan as Needed – As you and your staff become more practiced at these marketing-centric services, periodically refine your expansion strategy to either include more services or specialize in one you’ve already brought on. As you take on more jobs in these areas, other avenues of revenue streams will open up and you should stay flexible enough to explore these new fronts.

Ricoh hired InfoTrends to interview three different print shops who followed different paths for their transition. Read about the successes they’ve earned and the advice they have for other Print Providers in From PSP to MSP: A Phased Approach.

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