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Customer Service

Customer Service

Getting repeat business takes more than just printing a job correctly and on time and on budget – it takes superb customer service.

To get your customers coming back again and again apply these five easy steps to achieve a better service and a better bottom line.

  1. Employee Satisfaction is the first Step – When your employees have a true sense of job satisfaction, their positive attitude will be present in every customer interaction. Be sure to foster communication and appreciation with your employees to keep satisfaction high.
  2. Every Interaction is an Opportunity to Sell – Customer service reps usually have a customer’s undivided attention, a huge opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Train your customer service reps to initiate discussions on pain points, future opportunities and available solutions. Every customer touch point is an opportunity to sell new services.
  3. Education is the Foundation – Help your customers understand digital printing concepts and terms – if you’re all speaking the same language there won’t be miscommunications. Need a good reference guide? Download our Essential Production Guide and have on hand to give to customers.
  4. Always Be Approachable – In today’s technology driven world of live chat and tech support, making sure an actual human is on the other end of the phone will go a long way. However, technology has trained us all that problems should be alleviated immediately, so be sure to have alternate means of communicating with your customers when staff is not available, such as an email address or Facebook profile.
  5. Remain Connected – Just because the job is complete doesn’t mean communication should end. Staying in touch with your customers keeps you top of mind and shows you value their business. Follow up with the customer through a phone call, email or social media platform to see if the job was received well, if they have any feedback and how you can help them with their next print job. A quick conversation can help you secure a lot more business.

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