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Assess Your Printing Business


To maintain a healthy, vibrant and growing business, it’s essential to routinely check on the internal operations of a company’s organization. This process helps to accurately identify needs and refocus efforts to the areas that return the greatest ROI.

When performing an assessment that evaluates day-to-day operations and current abilities, keep in mind that your end-goal is to uncover the right balance of information to develop an action-orientated plan that will meet your business objectives. Whether that plan includes larger, long-term goals like staff development and technology investments or more immediate action items like switching your company cell phone plan to save money and improve communications, following a proven set of guidelines helps to eliminate the guess work.

  • Assess the current state of your entire business, including a detailed overview of operations, staffing and capabilities.
  • Survey clients to understand both the composition of your customer base and the services they routinely need, and more importantly, what services they will need in the future.
  • Define the desired state you wish to obtain — take into account your own goals and those of your customers.
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis, which forms the base of your action plan.
  • Identify and fill in gaps unearthed by your SWOT Analysis to ensure you will be taking the right steps to ensure your business’s vitality.
  • Create a Priority Map and prioritize your goals and steps needed to achieve the next level of success.

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