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How to Transition to Full Service Marketing Service Provider and Grow Your Business

pacful-logoAre you a print shop finding that the advent of so many digital technologies is creating a demand from your customers for services beyond traditional print offerings – services like Web-to-Print or Targeted Marketing? Do you see the need to expand your offerings into these areas just to remain competitive and yet at the same time potentially grow your business? Well, you are not alone.Today information is king and incorporating digital options into a traditional print shop can be the difference between a successful printer and one that struggles. Knowing this and facing a client base that began demanding Web-to-Print and marketing services, Pacful, Inc, with the help of Ricoh, spent the last three years working to transform from a traditional print service fulfillment shop into a full-fledged marketing service provider, without sacrificing print quality. For success, Pacful had to find technology solutions that would allow them to place an emphasis on web-to-print storefronts, order tracking and quick response code generation.With Ricoh, they found a vendor that could provide reliable technology offerings, while helping to ensure a positive ROI. Pacful installed the MarcomCentral software from Ricoh’s strategic partner PTI Marketing Technologies along with RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts+ Edition color production printers. Pacful uses MarcomCentral to deploy web storefronts that give their clients customized solutions that allows access to store-branded content, including high-resolution logos, document templates, collateral designs, contact information, and other digital assets, within their own branded website.Today, Pacful is a full-fledged MSP. The combination of PTI’s MarcomCentral and the RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts+ Edition, along with its own in-house marketing skills has set the company apart and allowed them to grow relationships and add new customers regularly.

Jennifer Hudek, president of Pacful, sums up Pacful’s success using Ricoh solutions this way: “When clients work in our Web storefronts, they often don’t even realize they’ve left their own intranets. That’s because our print management infrastructure is so well integrated into their normal intranet experience. It’s seamless, and with Ricoh’s support, we’ve effectively become an extension of their marketing team. As repeat customers, they don’t need heavy consultation. They get exactly what they want, with consistent quality and turnaround, every time.”

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– Ed Wong
Ricoh Production Print, Product Marketing